Thursday, April 26, 2007



ICI Madras Team in front of the Pulicat church. From Left to right: Daniel Raj, Leo Bastian, Ps.Bosco, Noel Pentony, Ramesh Daniel and Godfrey Evans.

ICI Team with the Ps.Bosco’s family and believers of the church praying in the open ground which was dedicated. In the background is seen the cemented of the old church which was washed away in the sunami. In the foreground on the left of the photograph is seen the steel rods for the pillar of the new church which is to be built as the Lord provides.

We have 34 E&D Students at this church who are eager to not only study the word of God but also to show the love of Jesus Christ to their neighbours.

There are about 60 families who live in Pulicat and who are simple and God fearing people. The families consisting of 4 to 8 members all stay in one hut. The government has given them a brick walled 10’x10’ and with an asbestos roof shelter seen in the background (after they had lost every thing in the sunami) . The family seen in the picture use the brick structure for storage and prefer to live in the hut which is much cooler.

All the families are fisherfolk and depend on the sea for a living. Many of them a hand to mouth existence. Sometimes the men are gone for a week or ten days at a time in order to bring a catch which they can sell to the local market.

ICI Team leaving Pulicat in one of the fisherman’s boats.

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