Thursday, April 19, 2007


It is with a deep sense of gratitude to the Leaders of the Assemblies of God in India, viz Rev. D. Mohan, Superintendent, All India Assemblies of God, Rev. P.S. Rajamoni, Superintendent, South India Assemblies of God & Tamil District Council of SIAG, the Executive Members of the Tamil District Council and SFC Executive Committee who have all greatly encouraged us as we travelled the length and breadth of Tamilnadu to reach every church through the 35 Sections in order to install Centers of Evangelism and Discipleship in every church to reach the communities in every locality with the love of Jesus Christ.

We would also like to acknowledge Rev. J. Devadhason, Superintendent and all the other members of the Executive Committee of the Southern District and the SFC Executive Commitee who have been a great encouragement and help in promoting and follow up of the CED's in the 14 Sections of the Kaniyakumari District.

We deeply appreciate the love and support that has been extended to us as we went to the section meetings and churches and we would like to express our love and gratitude by informing every one of you that we set aside a day every month to fast and pray for our beloved leaders of this nation and also for every Presbyter, Centers of Evangelism & Discipleship (churches) and every unreached community in your district.

Sincerely in Christ,

Noel Pentony

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