Thursday, October 18, 2007

Giving & Going

During the SIAG Conference in 2007, Rev. David Arnold mentioned that he was given a church where no other pastor wanted to go. When he took charge, the first thing he did was to take up an offering for missions. Ever since then the church which was unable to support their own pastors, began to flourish because they opened their hearts and hands to missions.

We were touched by Rev. David Arnold’s message and we have started to give to missions through the local church. (i.e.Rs.2500/- ( Rs.1500/- for missions + Rs.1000/- for Project Rescue). But we are not happy to just give, we also plan to go.


a) We had divided Tamilnadu into 4 Zones viz. East, West, Central and South Zones. We plan to visit every zone to help the sections/local churches more by involving in their local outreach in the sections.

b) We have received invitations from Andhra Pradesh and Bihar for now, to help in co-ordinating the efforts of the churches to reach out to the communities just as we have been and are doing in Tamilnadu.

c) Hence, we need to raise funds for: -

i) Travel to all the Sections for promotion of ICI in Section Meetings and Special Zonal Meetings.

ii) Travel to the mission field in North India.


a) Previously we had been dispatching the books free of charge i.e. we had also been bearing the forwarding charges (courier / lorry freight / Parcel service).

b) However, in 2002 we had only 13 study centers and 379 students. But now by the grace of God, we have more than 605 study centers with more than 18500 students. At the same time the courier charge and freight have more than doubled. Therefore, we have had to necessarily request for you to please send a handling charge of Rs.20/- per student only towards the packing & forwarding expenses and not for the cost of the books. The books are FREE of charge. It is only the FORWARDING CHARGE that we request every student to give as a donation to cover the forwarding charges.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gypsy Ministry

As long as you did it to the least of these my bretheren.....
Gypsy Camp at Mahabalipuram