Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I came across  an article in  Global Christian Center :

ICI Philippines Celebrates 40 years of Ministry

The celebration of 40 years of ICI in the Philippines, was honored when Supt. Rey Calusay appointed ICI as the official publishing ministry of the PGCAG. ICI uses Global University materials.
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I also received an email from Mrs. Rajeswari Murugesan, National Director of ICI in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, who is visiting her home in Coimbatore, India and will be returning to the Caribeans in January 2011.   Sis. Rajjeswari will be visiting our office before she flies back.   We would be sharing with each other about the wonderful things God has been doing and is doing in and around us.
I praise God for the Wonders that HE is doing through ICI in so many parts of the World.  I would be most obliged if you would send me testimonies from your part of the world so that we can join you in glorifying God.  I look forward to hearing from each one of you.  You can put testimonies from your office onto the  'ICI GLOBAL TESTIMONIES" form at the bottom of this page, which would make it possible for whole world to see what God is doing through ICI in every nation of the world.
My name on Skype is 'noelpentony'.  I would be most obliged if all of us could download skype and then have a 'ICI GLOBAL UNIVERSITY OFFICES WORLD CONFERENCE' online.
May we be one with each other in our efforts, just as Jesus is one with the Father.
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