Monday, July 30, 2007

The Hand of God upon ICI University :

According to the promise of God, He has been expanding our terristories through invitations from various pastors at the Tamil District Council of SIAG Conference at Madurai in the second week of July, 2007. Invitations have been received by pastors from Kerela and Karnataka to the Glory of God.
Invitations have also been received from many of the Tamil District Presbyters to their section meetings. The plan is to go to atleast four sections every month through our four Zonal Co-ordinators viz. Leo Bastian, Godfrey Evans, R. Ramesh Daniel. Nagapattinam Section and Cuddalore Section have already been contacted and we will be visiting their section meetings at Kuttallam (Nagai Section) and Kurinjipadi (Cuddalore Section).
We are very happy to join with the pastors to help in Discipleship and Evangelism to enable every member in every church to become a soul winner for Jesus, reaching out to every community around their homes and churches.
May the Holy Spirit move in a might way in every district of Tamilnadu and India to deliver the people from the bondage of Satan. To God be the glory! honor! and praise!